Employee Advocacy settings

A Company Admin can edit the sharing settings for posts created on their company Haiilo domain from Administration > Settings > Employee Advocacy. All settings set here are valid for the whole company Haiilo domain as post settings are set on the company level.

Group admins and channel managers can edit which social networks posts can be shared to and the points for posts on an individual post level when reviewing posts.

Sharing settings

In the settings, under the 'External sharing' box, you can decide your custom share link to support your brand. The share link is automatically displayed with all posts shared externally from your company Haiilo domain:


You can also enable or disable automatic UTM tagging and choose if and how many points you wish users to receive for clicks they receive on shared posts. 

Social network settings

In the section on 'Social networks', you can edit the social networks that users are allowed to share to from your company Haiilo domain. For some networks, you can also add a sharing signature and points for shares.

Sharing signatures cannot be removed or edited by users when they share posts. The signature is automatically added at the end of each sharing message for posts. When shared, they will display as follows:


Keyword blocking settings

In the section for keyword blocking, Company Admins can add words that they do not want users to be able to write in the sharing messages when sharing from Haiilo. This means that admins can block users from using certain words in their shares. 

To add words to the list, simply write in a word and click Enter.

You can add multiple words but keep in mind that Haiilo only identifies individual words, not phrases. Thereby you cannot block users from using the phrase 'employee advocacy' without also blocking the words 'employee' and 'advocacy' separately. 

When a user writes a blocked word in the sharing message, Haiilo will tell them that their message contains a word that is blocked and the sharing buttons will become greyed out and inactive. 

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 14.45.23.png

The user can then change their sharing message to remove the blocked word, whereby the sharing buttons will again become active and the user will be able to share the post. 

You can only block words from being used in external messaging from Haiilo. The words will not be blocked from being used in posts inside Haiilo.

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