Adding users to teams

After you've created a team, you can add users to it. You can add users to teams on the platform either manually or in bulk via CSV. Only a Company Admin can allocate users to teams using CSV.

Alternatively, if your platform uses SCIM to provision users, you can create teams and add users to them automatically.

You can also allow users to select up to two teams during onboarding. This feature needs to be manually enabled by Haiilo and is not available by default. If you'd like to know more about this option, please contact your Haiilo Customer Success Manager for assistance.

Add a user to a team manually

  1. Go to Administration > Users > Teams
  2. Select the group that your team exists in
  3. Find your team in the list and select it
  4. Select Add at the bottom of the settings
  5. Scroll the list of users or search for users and select the users you want to add to the team
    • You can only add users who are in the same group as your team. If you can't find a user in the member list, it's probably because they are located in a different group and cannot be added to the team.
  6. Select Add

Your users are added to your team and can be seen in the list of members. You can remove users from a team by selecting them from the member list followed by Remove at the top of the list.

Add users to teams via CSV upload

  1. Go to Administration > Users
  2. Select Allocate users from CSV. If you cannot see this option, you aren't a Company Admin.
  3. Prepare the CSV file as instructed on the platform. The file should only contain the users' email addresses and teams. One input per column. Note the following:
    • You must include all your users in the CSV file. See the warning below for more information.
    • Every user must already have an account. You cannot create new users via the team CSV upload. To invite new users, see Invite users via CSV instead.
    • All teams to which you want to add users must already exist on the platform in the correct group where the user being updated is located. Teams are group-specific; a user cannot belong to a team in a group they aren't located in.
  4. When you have the file ready, select Upload and choose the file on your computer. The update starts, and once it's finished, you can see a success message. Don't refresh your browser window until the message appears as this will stop the update. The time it takes for the message to show up may vary, depending on the number of users on your platform.

When the update is completed, refresh your browser window to see your updated users and their teams.

When adding users to teams via CSV, please ensure that you include all your platform's users and their team information in the CSV file, whether you're updating all the users' teams or not. Uploading the CSV file will overwrite the current state for all existing users. It's crucial to include all users and their respective team information in the file. If a user is not included, they will be removed from any teams they were previously a part of.

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