Creating teams

Teams are used to segment your users, allowing you to define Essential and Default channels to ensure the team members receive the content that is most relevant to them. Teams can also be used as filters in the Analytics to enable deeper analysis.

While a user can be a member of an unlimited number of teams on the platform, we recommend that each user is a member of 2-5 teams on average. This ensures easy and simple user management.

Create a team

  1. Go to Administration > Users > Teams
  2. Select a group in which you want to create a new team
  3. Select Create new team
  4. Enter a name for your team. The name needs to be unique, and no other team within the same group can have the same name
  5. Select Create

Your team has been created and is now available in the list. You can select the team name in the list to access the team's settings. In the settings, you can set essential and default channels and view and add users to the team. For more information, refer to Essential and Default channels and Adding users to teams.

On the platform, you need to create teams one by one. However, via SCIM, teams can be created in bulk and users can be assigned automatically.

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