I get a "Your session is invalid" error when attempting to log in with SSO on Android? What can I do?


You're attempting to log into the Haiilo Share app on your Android device via SSO and are experiencing a looping issue. Despite successful SSO authorization, selecting Open Haiilo app fails to proceed as expected and instead reroutes you to the beginning of the SSO login process, accompanied by an error message stating, "Your session is invalid. Please reset your session by logging in again."


The Haiilo Share app on your Android device isn't configured to handle app-opening links properly. This requires configuration in your mobile device's settings for the Haiilo Share app.


On your Android device, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the app details for the Haiilo Share app. You can do this by long-pressing on the app icon and selecting App info, or going to the app's settings via the Settings app.
  2. Select Open by default in the list
  3. Toggle Open supported links
  4. Select Add link
  5. The app should automatically suggest *.smarpshare.com. Select the checkbox > Add

The link *.smarpshare.com should now be listed as a supported link. Close and reopen the Haiilo Share app and try logging in again. After entering your SSO credentials and selecting Open Haiilo app, the app should successfully log you in.

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