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Measuring your advocacy program performance and aligning the results with your wider business KPIs is invaluable.

Use our powerful analytics to continuously improve your employee advocacy program as it helps you to make data-driven decisions. See exactly which content creates the most buzz across the company or drill down to see the performance of regions, teams and individuals.

But before looking at metrics of individual posts or KPIs specifically interesting for your use case, consider that user engagement is the ultimate key to your platform's success and should, therefore, be checked, ideally, on a monthly basis. 

Workforce Insights

Use Analytics to measure various levels of user engagement, such as understanding the effectiveness of your Email Digest, the most successful channels, and user behavior in general: whether users are coming to the platform or reading the content, actively sharing, and to which social network.

Internal Engagement

The Workforce Insights Internal Engagement analytics gives you a detailed look at how your users engage with the content on Haiilo.

  • Engagement meter: ideally 60-70 % internal engagement. If you see a drop or a low level of engagement:
    1. Go to the User menu in the Administration tab to perform a more granular analysis of your user base to better understand the issue. Have your users been active in the past 90 days? Have they connected their social media accounts? Have they shared anything? Perform re-engagement efforts for those inactive users or segments.
    2. You might want to take a look at: Do you have the right personas in the platform? What does your training program look like? How are you recruiting new users? How are you incentivizing your employees to participate in the program? How are you internally marketing the program? What's the message that you're getting to your ambassadors? How are you incentivizing your ambassadors? Are you running internal competitions? Do you have an ambassador page on your intranet? Are you providing enough content? Ideally, 2-3 fresh posts a week will keep engagement levels up.
  • Metrics - Posts/Reads/Likes: Is a consistent stream of content being published? Are users proposing fresh content? Are they reading or creating content? Are they leaving feedback?
  • Popular Sources: How do your users prefer to engage with your content in Haiilo? For example, Are people clicking through from the Email Digest? Are they finding content within MS Teams, Slack, or via your intranet?


Haiilo's Workforce Insights Advocacy analytics focuses on Employee Advocacy and provides a detailed look at external data, e.g., shares, clicks, social media reach, and reactions for your users and posts.

  • Engagement meter: ideally, 35-40 % of users actively share content
  • Number of active ambassadors each month: Does this metric stay stable or does it fluctuate over time? A drop in ambassadors often impacts your shares, clicks, and reactions. Click on the engagement meter to drill deeper. You can get quite granular to understand which groups or teams are top performing.
  • Posts: Do you have a steady stream of content?
  • Potential reach: How many social media profiles were potentially served the content via the shares? (Regardless of how many people actually saw/read the posts)
  • Clicks: Are readers clicking through to your articles, consuming the content and clicking on event registrations, sign-ups for whitepapers etc? Where do those clicks take your audience? How do you measure that performance internally? Are you using UTM tags for advanced tracking?

Post & Users

Haiilo's Posts & Users analytics show detailed and individual information on posts in your Haiilo domain and your users' activities.

This dashboard helps you identify top-performing content and your super users. It is a lot more granular, and the Posts tab especially helps you understand individual post performance. For example: Which was the most shared post in the past 30 days, who shared it, and in which network?

The Users section within the dashboard helps you to understand: Are people sharing consistently? You can see who has been one of the most active sharers during a certain time frame, who has been able to attract the most clicks and/or reactions, and more. The most active sharers - your super users - usually share more than 4 times a week. We generally consider an average sharing frequency of once a week an indicator of a successful program.

Use case-based metrics

The metrics that will offer the most value for evaluating the impact of your advocacy program depend largely on your business objectives.

In the following, we have listed the most common use cases, including the important KPIs to consider when evaluating your advocacy platform and its success:

  • If social selling forms part of your strategy, the number of clicks generated will give you a sense of content performance and external engagement. Coupled with the use of UTM tags, you can get a better understanding of how much traffic to your website is attributed to your employee advocacy program.
  • If your goal is to promote your employer brand through your network of ambassadors, we recommend measuring the number of shares and total reach achieved.
  • Begin to use UTM tags to understand who shared which open positions, ultimately attracting which candidates. Have you improved your candidate quality? Have you improved your time to hire? Have you reduced your spending with your (external) talent acquisition team?
  • If you want to reduce your paid media spend, achieving a high volume of shares and clicks will generate EEMV (Estimated Earned Media Value) for your program and help you demonstrate the return on investment to the wider business.

Further tips&tricks

  • Create a pulse for your engagement meters to get alerted when it significantly drops.
  • Use our API to export data to your own analytics platform (Tableau, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc) to drill deeper into certain data.
  • Engagement after holiday periods: Engagement dropping during the holiday season is normal, but make sure to re-activate & reach out to your ambassadors after the holidays so that the drop won't be permanent. Our email functionality can help you do just that.
  • If you want to learn more about the different use cases, take a look at this video.

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