Emailing users

Admins have the ability to send emails to users from the Users menu, allowing them to send small updates or queries to individuals or groups of users.

Email a user

  1. Go to Administration > Users
  2. Find the user you want to email. You can filter or search the Users menu to narrow down the list
    • You can also email multiple users at once by checking all the users that you want to email in the list
  3. Select the icon on the user's row or, if you're emailing multiple users, at the top of the Users menu
  4. Write your simple text message. Your message cannot contain any custom formatting. You can preview your email by selecting the Preview tab.
  5. Select Send to send your email

The email is sent immediately. The email sender is always, but your first and last name will be displayed as the author of the message. The email design is hard-coded and cannot be changed. 

Users cannot directly reply to the email, but they will be able to see your email address so they can send you a new email if necessary.

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