Invite users via CSV

As a Company or Group Admin, you have the ability to invite multiple people to join your platform by uploading a CSV file. Users will be sent email invitations prompting them to join your platform. Their accounts will only be created after they have accepted the invitation by selecting Accept invite in the email.

Inviting users is not possible if your platform uses only Single Sign-On as an authentication method. Please refer to this article instead.

Invite users via CSV

  1. Go to Administration > Users
  2. Select Invite colleagues
  3. Choose the group to which you want to invite users.
  4. Select Next
  5. Select Import from CSV
  6. Prepare the CSV file. You can find an example file at the bottom of this article.
    1. Create a file
    2. The first column should contain all the users' email addresses that you want to invite. It should not have a header.
    3. The columns should optionally contain teams for the users, and a user can be added to multiple teams. Team names are case-sensitive, and the columns should not have a header.
      • You can only add users to existing teams. Learn more about creating teams in Create, edit, and add users to Teams.
      • One team per column. The second column contains the user's first team, the third column contains the second team, and so on.
  7. Upload the file. The maximum file size allowed is 1 MB. If the upload is successful, you will see the number of email addresses found in the list. If you receive an error message about the file, please correct the CSV file per the message and re-upload it.
  8. Select Next
  9. Choose a role for your users. The roles you can select include User, Group Admin, and Company Admin. All users in the file will receive the selected role.
  10. Select Next
  11. Enter the name of the person inviting the users. Your name is automatically entered, but you can change it if needed. The inviter name will be used in the email invitation and its subject line: "inviter_name has invited you to join Haiilo."
  12. Write an invitation message and signature to the people you invite. The message is displayed as a quote, and the signature is at the end of the email. If you've created an invitation email template in the Invitations & Registration settings, this will be pre-filled in the field.
  13. Select Start Inviting X Colleagues to send out the invitations immediately.
    • Alternatively, you can schedule the invitation to be sent at a later date and time. The date and time are based on your computer's time zone.

When you have sent the invitations, you are done! Wait for the users to accept the invitation and set up their accounts.

A reminder invitation is automatically sent 48 hours after the original invitation is sent in case the user has not yet accepted it.

invitation email.png

Example CSV

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