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To encourage your users to participate more actively on Haiilo, you can activate a leaderboard that enables them to compete with other users from their group. This leaderboard is based on the points that the users earn while using the platform. You can also organize competitions where the user who tops the leaderboard can claim rewards as an incentive to increase user engagement on the platform.

For ideas on incentivizing participation in your platform, read our best practice article on Gamification!

Activate the leaderboard

A Company Admin can enable and edit the Leaderboard for their platform from Administration > Settings > Gamification. All settings set here are valid for the whole platform.

The leaderboard has three default time filters: This Month, This Week, and All Time. If you want to create a new time filter, select the + New filter option. Custom time frames can be edited or removed in the settings, but the default time filters cannot be changed. All time filters are visible to all users, and anyone can use them to filter the leaderboard.

You can reorder the filters by dragging and dropping them in the order in which you wish them to appear.

You can also choose to hide a particular Team from the leaderboard, for example, if you have an Admin team that should not be a part of your competition.


View the leaderboard

The leaderboard always shows the Top 10 performers for a given filter. You can filter by teams and timeframe. The leaderboard will only show users located in the same group as you.

A user who chooses to remain anonymous will be displayed as Anonymous on the leaderboard while their name and avatar remain hidden.


Export the leaderboard

Company Admins can download a .csv report of the leaderboard from Administration > Settings > Gamification > Leaderboards > Export CSV. You can download the report for your group or the entire company and can define a time frame for the report.

The report will show a user's first and last name, gathered points, rank on the leaderboard, group, and teams. The report shows all users that gathered points in the selected time frame.


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