Add or remove a Channel Manager or -Analyst

A Company or Group Admin can make a user a channel manager or channel analyst on a channel level. This means that you first need to know the channel to which you want to assign the manager.

To understand the different roles in Haiilo Advocacy, please view the Understand user roles article.

Add a channel manager or -analyst

  1. Select Administration > Settings in the navigation bar
  2. Select the group in which the channel is located in to which you want to add a manager
  3. Select Channels
  4. From the list of channels, find the channel to which you want to assign a channel manager or analyst and select it to open the Channels details
  5. In the Channel Manager or Channel Analyst field, select the user you want to assign as a manager
  6. Select Save

After making someone a channel manager or analyst, please instruct them to refresh their Haiilo Advocacy browser window to apply their new permission.

channel manager.png

Remove a channel manager or -analyst

To remove someone as a channel manager or analyst, you can easily navigate back to the channel and remove them from the channel manager or analyst field. Update the channel settings and the person will no longer be able to manage that channel. 

If you want to completely remove the user's channel manager permissions, you have to individually remove them as channel manager or analyst from all the channels they manage.

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