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Empowering your employees to become brand ambassadors is a powerful way to increase product adoption and user engagement. However, you may have noticed that not all employees accepted your invitation to join or stopped using the platform after a while.

To maintain a high level of platform engagement, it's crucial to continuously conduct periodic user re-engagement efforts, for example, every quarter. This article provides you with a few ideas on how to re-engage with users who aren't using the platform (anymore).

Identify inactive users

User segmentation helps you address inactive users adequately based on their (in)activity patterns. You can use the Users menu in the administration to filter different types of inactivity, such as action or last activity time.

Sorting users by team can also help you identify whether a particular group of users shows a high level of inactivity.

Address inactive users

Send re-engagement emails to the different groups of inactive users. Use these emails as an opportunity to remind them about important onboarding steps they may have missed, such as connecting their social media accounts. Also, encourage them to start sharing content or inform them about what they have missed to encourage them to return to the platform.

  • Identify users who have yet to connect their social media accounts to the platform. Newbies might have missed this step during their company onboarding. Elements to possibly include in your email:
    • Video tutorial on how to connect their social media profile to the platform
    • Short outline of the benefits of using Haiilo

    Example email template "We miss you"

    Hi XXXX,
    It looks like you got lost. Join us, and let's create, post, and share together again!
    Log in to and see what content engages you; your voice and contribution matter.
    Your Haiilo team
  • Identify users who have connected their social media platforms but have never shared anything. Elements to possibly include in your email:
    • Video tutorial on the benefits of using the employee advocacy platform

    Example email template "Don't stop now" 

    Hi XXXX, 

    we couldn't help but notice that you have been inactive for quite some time.
    Now that you customized your feed and connected your social accounts,
    start posting and sharing with us!

    Log in to and find your way to contribute and engage.

    Your Haiilo team

  • Identify users that have not been active on the platform in a certain time period. They may have connected their social media profiles and might have shared content before, but they have not been on the platform recently. (e.g. 90 days) Elements to possibly include in your email:

    • Overview of what they have missed - let users know what's currently popular. Whether it's top content or heroes from the leaderboard: give them a prominent reason to return to the platform. 

    Example Email template "Come back, we miss you"

    Hi XXXX, 

    we noticed that you logged in once or twice but have since abandoned us.
    We are creating something grand together. Don't miss out and log in to and be part of our amazing brand!

    Your Haiilo team

You can use the bulk mail function in the Users menu by selecting multiple users based on your segmentation, the email newsletter feature or simply address them using your own email program. We recommend you create reusable email templates for each identified group with a high level of personalization beforehand. "Personally" addressing users helps in achieving higher re-engagement rates.

Remove inactive users

Clean up by removing inactive users if they don't react to your re-engagement efforts after a defined time.

Further tips & tricks

  • Always include links to your platform and helpful content that reminds the user about the how and why (video tutorials on benefits, connecting social media, etc.). Additionally, consider offering "office hours" around your advocacy program and ask inactive people to join for a quick refresh training.
  • Think about organizing a social media training or workshop. It will be beneficial for your re-engagement efforts if users not only know the benefits of using Haiilo but also understand the best ways to utilize the platform to enhance their personal branding and grow their online presence. If you have a continuous series of social media workshops already in place, don't miss out on inviting inactive users to join.
  • Include mini-surveys to identify reasons behind the inactivity. Asking yourself the following questions could help you create a catalog of possible questions for each user segment: 
    • Has there been any significant changes in the organization?
    • Do they understand the benefits of being active on social media? Are they hesitant to grow their presence on social media? 
    • Do they understand how Haiilo can help them with building their own brand?
    • What obstacles are stopping them from sharing content?
    • Do they see the benefits of Haiilo on both personal and company levels?
    • Is there a connection between personal / company goals and using Haiilo?
    • Do they need more training on the tool?
    • Do the employees have the possibility to use Haiilo during their working hours?
    • Do they find the content relevant, or would they like to see/share different types of content? Ask about the balance between company and third-party content and see if you need to readjust the balance.
    • Do only admins bring content, or are users interested in proposing content? It could be more difficult to keep users engaged if they can't affect the posts.
    • Would they like to get more rewards/acknowledgment for their efforts? What type of rewards/acknowledgment would they appreciate?
  • Consider creating a reactivation campaign: incentivize your re-engagement initiative to trigger a sense of urgency and encourage participation. People are naturally competitive and don't like to be left out.

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