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The Featured post function can be used if there is news or content to highlight for your users. If a post is marked as featured, it will appear at the top of the feed for users subscribed to the channel(s) in which the post was published.

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When creating, approving, or editing a post, you can select the featured post function. The featured post box is visible to Group and Company Admins.

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Below, you will find some important information regarding the featured post function:

  • The Featured posts slider will only display the five most recently featured posts chronologically. This is counted from when the posts were originally published. Older Featured posts are automatically pushed out of the slider when new posts are marked as featured.
    • If an admin wants to manually remove a post from the Featured posts slider, edit the post and uncheck the featured post box. You can also archive the post.
  • When a featured post gets replaced by a newer one, and you want the older post back on the featured post slider, edit it and select Refresh next to the featured box. Save the edited post and it will be moved back to the front of the slider.
  • Users can navigate the slider by swiping and clicking the arrows or the dots in the slider. If a user selects a post in the slider, the post preview will open.

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