Read confirmation

The Read confirmation function can be used to ask users to confirm they have read a post. It allows you to make content mandatory to read as you can review which users have read your post.

The read confirmation box is visible to Channel Managers, Group Admins, and Company Admins. Read confirmation can only be chosen when creating, approving, or editing a post.

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Confirm a read

Once you publish a post, users will see a Read confirmation required message around it, indicating that they need to read it and mark it as read.

Users can open the post and select I confirm I have read the post.

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Review confirmed reads

To check how many users have read the post, the admin that created it can find the post on the feed and see the number of users who have read it right under it. The number will tell you the number of users who have read the post out of the total who should read it. This total number is based on the number of people subscribed to the channel where the post was published.

If you want to get a more detailed report of the users who have or have not read your post, the admin who created the post can export the list of users as a csv. file from the three dots in the right corner of the post. The report will show you the following:

  • The user's name and email
  • The Read confirmation status, i.e., if they have read the post (Confirmed / Not confirmed)
  • The Group and/or Team(s) that they belong to

If the post contains information that all your Haiilo users should know immediately, you can combine the read confirmation function with the Notify users immediately function to ensure that your users receive a notification immediately when the post is published.

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