Notify users immediately

The Notify users immediately function can be used for news that you want to inform your users about immediately. This will send an instant notification about the post via email, in-app, and/or push to the users subscribed to the channel(s) in which the post is located.

You cannot schedule a post while using the notify users immediately function; this will remove the immediate notification, and the instant notification won't be sent when the post is published.

Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 13.10.13.png

You can only select the notify users immediately option when creating or approving a post. The notify users immediately box is visible to Group and Company Admins.

If the post contains information that all your Haiilo users should know, you can combine the notify users immediately function with the Read confirmation function to make your users acknowledge they have read the post.

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To remind users of important content after the content has already been published, you can use the re-notify users of published content function.

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