Why does Haiilo say there are less/more Proposed posts on the feed than there is?

Company Admins might see differing numbers in the feed dropdown and in the actual Proposed feed because of the difference in calculation. That is:

  • Feed number dropdown: shows posts in the Proposed feed that are in channels that the admin is subscribed to.

  • Actual feed: shows all posts that are proposed across your Haiilo domain in the Proposed feed.

proposed feed numbers.png
  1. In the example above, Jane is only subscribed to the ‘All Company’ channel, so in her feed numbers we are only showing that there are 2 posts proposed in this channel. However, because Jane is a Company Admin, she can see 86 posts in her Proposed feed as there are more posts pending across all the other channels in the domain that she is not subscribed to.
  2. The feed dropdown numbers also excludes if there are posts that have been published in some channels but are still pending in others. Meaning if a post has been published in one of your subscribed channels but is still pending in another, the feed numbers will still show 0 because it counts that this post has been published in one of your channels already.
  3. The feed dropdown does not take into account your language settings, so if you see 5 posts in the feed dropdown but only 3 on the feed it might be that the other 2 posts are in a language that you have opted to not receive content in.

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