I see no posts on my feed or I can't see a post that my colleague sees. Why?

The posts you see on your feed are influenced by your channel subscriptions and your language settings. If posts are missing from your feed, it is recommended to check the following in Haiilo:

1. Check your channel subscriptions

You must be subscribed to channel(s) in Haiilo to see content on your feed. No subscribed channels = no content. You can subscribe to channels from the 'Customize my feed'-button under the Channel list.

customize my feed.png

Ensure you're subscribed to enough channels, as there might be times when some channels don't have any content.

2. Check your language settings

Some company domains allow users to choose which language(s) they want to receive content. Suppose you choose only to receive content in specific languages. In that case, any content created in your company Haiilo domain that is not in your selected languages will not be visible to you. If your feed is empty or missing certain posts, it might be that the posts are hidden from you because of your language settings.


In the example above, the user would only see posts in Spanish and French. Any posts in, e.g., English, would be hidden from them on their Haiilo feeds.

You can edit your language settings in your profile to include other languages or select to see content in all languages. After doing this, more posts should appear on your Haiilo feed.

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