Users are added to a wrong group during onboarding. Why?

This only applies to platforms using SAML SSO just-in-time provisioning and self-selection of groups (and teams).

When a user signs up on the platform using SAML SSO just-in-time provisioning, they're immediately added to the platform and appear in the Users section. Initially, they're automatically assigned to a default group by our system, which is the first group created on your platform. Our system must assign users to a group immediately to be able to handle them.

The user remains in this initial group until they reach a part of their onboarding process called the Select group page. This page follows the welcome introduction and the acceptance of the terms of use and privacy policies. It's at this stage users decide on their preferred group.

Upon choosing their desired group on the Select group page, the system then automatically transfers them to their new group. This streamlined process ensures users are placed in the appropriate group according to their preferences right after completing the initial mandatory steps.

If a user doesn't agree to the privacy policy within 30 days of their first login, they will be removed automatically due to GDPR reasons. However, they have the option to rejoin by logging in again.


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