Users are added to a wrong group during onboarding. Why?

This only applies to company domains using SAML SSO just-in-time provisioning and self-selection of groups (and teams).

When a user joins Haiilo with SAML SSO just-in-time provisioning, they are added to the platform immediately and will be visible in the Users list. This also means that the user must be placed in a group by our system until they can choose their group. For this, our system uses the default group. The default group in Haiilo is always the group that was created first in your company domain.

The user remains in the default group until they get to the "Select group" onboarding page, where they select which group they should be located in. The "Select group" onboarding page comes after the welcome page and the terms of use and privacy policy pages, meaning a user must complete these pages before seeing the "Select group" page.

After the user selects their group, they are automatically moved from the default group to their selected group. In the example below, the user joins and is first added to the default group, called "Global". During onboarding, they see the "Select group" page and select "AMER". They are moved automatically by our system to the "AMER" group.


If a user remains in the default group for a long time, it suggests they have not completed onboarding and selected their group.

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