Users are not receiving emails. What can we do?

This article lists a few steps to take when individual users are not receiving emails from Haiilo Advocacy.

If your whole user base or a larger group of people isn't receiving emails, please ensure your company has allowlisted Haiilo to send emails to your users – more information in this article.

1. Check notification settings

In Haiilo Advocacy, users can modify their Notification settings and decide for which actions and events they receive emails. First, ask the user to check that they have enabled email notifications for Haiilo

2. Check spam

If the user has enabled email notifications for Haiilo, it might be that the email has ended up in their spam folder. Ask the user to check their spam, and if a Haiilo email is found there, the user should unmark it as spam to ensure future emails don't end up there.

If the email is found in spam, it suggests that your company's email server isn't acknowledging Haiilo as a safe sender, and other users' emails might also be ending up in spam. This can be mitigated by allowlisting Haiilo. Share the information in this article with your IT department.

3. Check if there's new content on the feed

If your users aren't receiving the email digests, it might be that there isn't any new content on their Haiilo feeds. The email digest collects new posts from a user's personal Haiilo feed and compiles them into an email. The user must be subscribed to channels in Haiilo to have a personalized feed and see content. Each post is only shown in one email digest. If there haven't been any new posts published since the last email digest, there won't be a new digest.

Ask the user to check that they are subscribed to enough channels and that new posts have been published on their feed since receiving the last digest.

4. Contact the Service Desk

If none of the above steps help resolve the matter, please get in touch with Haiilo's Service Desk for assistance.

If you don't have an account in Haiilo's Service Desk, reach out to an admin at your company who has an account so they can raise the request on your behalf.

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