Can we have two SSO configurations for Haiilo Advocacy?

Haiilo supports dual IdPs, meaning you can have two different SAML configurations and give your users the option to choose which one to log in with.

After the user clicks on the "Login with Single Sign On" button on your company's login page, they are presented with the "Select your organisation" screen with two buttons:


You decide what text is displayed on the buttons and which button leads to which IdP configuration.

To set up dual IdP SAML configurations for Haiilo, please:

  1. Set up and enable the first SAML configuration (the one for the top button) in your Haiilo domain as per the regular SAML instructions
  2. Prepare the second SAML configuration (the one for the bottom button) per the SAML instructions and test that it works from your IdP. Download the SAML metadata for this configuration.
  3. Decide internally which button texts you want to use. You can use something your users will understand, but the names should be, at max., 20 characters.
  4. Reach out to the Haiilo Service Desk with the metadata from the second SAML configuration and button names. Please make it clear which text should lead to which IdP.
  5. Our team will enable the dual IdP for your domain. Depending on our team's workload, it can take a few weeks to implement, so please reach out well in advance.
  6. You will be informed when the dual IdP configurations have been enabled, and your users can start accessing via these. Until the second IdP configuration is set up, users can use the first configuration, as that was already enabled by you earlier in Step 1.

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