Email Newsletters - Overview

The Email Newsletters feature is only visible if it has been enabled for your company Haiilo domain.

To guarantee that email newsletters are received by your users, please ask your IT department to allowlist the IP address that Haiilo uses to send the emails:

The Email Newsletters feature can be accessed from the Email tab in the menu bar in Haiilo. By default, only Company Admins can create email newsletters. If you would like your Group Admins to be able to create emails, please reach out to your Customer Success specialist from Haiilo for assistance.

You can find step-by-step instructions on how to create an email here. This article also gives an overview of each step you taken when creating an email.

Email Overview dashboard

The email overview dashboard shows you a list of all your sent and scheduled emails. For each email, you can see:

  • the internal name of your email
  • the date and time the email was or will be sent
  • how many recipients the email had
  • the percentage of opens and clicks

From the three dots on an email row, you can:

  • edit an unsent email or use a sent email as a template for future emails. Using the email as a template opens the email with pre-filled content, audience, and email details.
  • view email details, such as a list of recipients, the preview of the content, and analytics
  • delete the email. Note that deleting an already sent email won't recall it.

emails tab overview.png

Use the Email editor

You can create an email using our Email editor, which has been designed with ease of use in mind. After beginning to create a new email, the Email editor's right-side menu will allow you to:

Please note that email clients use different technology to render the HTML of the email. Some email clients (e.g., Microsoft Outlook) do not respect all HTML and CSS standards, and this can cause these clients to not display the design exactly as shown in Haiilo. Unfortunately, Haiilo cannot influence this.

Add recipients

You can add your Haiilo users as recipients for your email by:

  • choosing users from your Haiilo domain by group, team or individual user name

  • uploading a .csv file with information for external recipients not in your Haiilo domain. 

Specify Email information

Before sending your email, you can specify an internal name, a subject and a 'From' name for your email.

The internal name is visible only to you and other Haiilo Admins in Haiilo under the Emails-tab and can be used to help you remember what your email campaign was about. The subject of your email is the subject that is shown to all recipients in their email client when they receive your email. The 'From' name is the name that is shown to your recipients as the sender in their inboxes next to the sender email address.

The sender email address is always and this cannot be changed.

Choose time and send email

On the last step of the Email creator choose the time that your email will be sent. You can choose to schedule your email for later or to send it right away. The time shown in Haiilo is based on your computer's timezone.

On the last step you will also see a summary of the audience and settings for your email as well as what the email will look like for your chosen audience. If you want to change anything, you can click the 'Change'-buttons to go back to the previous steps.

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