Notifications on mobile

You are able to receive both in-app and push notifications from the Haiilo mobile app. Notifications you can receive include instant post, new posts, comment, tag or mention notifications. 

If you have any notifications in the app, they are shown under the Notifications tab in the menu bar and under your name on the homepage


If you click on a post in the Notifications list, you will be taken to that post so that you can read it or the comments or tags. 

You can edit your Notification settings in the Haiilo mobile app by navigating to your Profile and then to Settings from the gear icon in the upper-right corner.

mobile profile settings.png

In Settings, choose Email and Push notifications. First, you will see settings for in-app notifications, followed by email notifications. You can edit for which events you'd like to receive notifications. Read more about the events in this article. You can also edit if and when you receive daily digest emails from Haiilo.

In order to edit your push notification settings for the Haiilo mobile app, you can open your mobile's Settings app via the button Open App Setting.

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