Log in to your account on mobile

If you have a user account with Haiilo, you can log in to the Haiilo mobile app in different ways depending on your company platform's settings. Some Haiilo plattforms allow multiple login options.

When the Haiilo mobile app is opened for the first time, you are required to enter the correct domain name for your company. This refers to the same URL from where you log in to your company Haiilo domain on your computer. This is always in the form of company.smarpshare.com.


You only have to enter the first part of the URL for your company domain, i.e. your company's name for Haiilo, as the rest, smarpshare.com, is already filled out.

After entering the correct domain details, click Next and you are directed to your company Haiilo domain's login page on mobile. You might first see the options 'Log in' or 'Create account'. Here choose 'Log in' as you already have a Haiilo account.

1. Log in with Haiilo credentials or a social network account

If the login screen looks as shown below, you are able to log in with the email address you use for your account and your Haiilo password or with a connected social network account's credentials. You can only log in with a social network account if it has already been connected to your Haiilo account from the Settings within Haiilo.


  • To log in with your Haiilo credentials, simply input your email address and password in the provided fields and click Log in.
    • If you have forgotten your password for your Haiilo account, you can easily reset it by clicking the Forgot password?-button.
  • If your company allows logging in with social network accounts, you can choose to log in with any of the following: LinkedIn, X, and/or Facebook. For some Haiilo domains, Google might also be shown as an option.
    • If you receive an error when trying to access with your social network credentials, it might mean that there is no connection between Haiilo and your social network at the moment. Go back and log in with your Haiilo credentials instead! If you have forgotten your Haiilo password, you can reset it.

2. Log in with Single Sign-On

If your company has enabled Single Sign-On for Haiilo, you will be able to log in using your company credentials. If the login screen has a button saying 'Use Single Sign-On', you can log in with your company credentials. 


Click on the button to be taken to your company's login page where you can enter the credentials that you use to access your company's resources and assets. After logging in with your credentials, you will be redirected back to your Haiilo account.

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