Importing content to Haiilo overview

Since your company might have different pages on social media and Sharepoint or RSS feeds that they already use to inform employees of relevant information and shareable content, Haiilo makes it easy for you as an Admin to directly import that content into Haiilo. All content import settings can be found under Administration > Settings > Importing Content.

There are several different kinds of sources from which you can automatically import content. Currently, Haiilo allows content import from LinkedIn, X, Facebook, as well as from RSS feeds and Sharepoint. New content is fetched every 30 minutes.

When a new content feed is added to Haiilo in your company settings, you have to choose the following:

  • Post to: here you should select the channel(s) that you want the content be published to
  • Publish automatically: check this box if you want the content to be automatically published on the Haiilo feed. If you want it to be Proposed first so that an admin has to approve it, leave the box unchecked.

When importing content from social media feeds to Haiilo, there are few important things to remember: 

  • Haiilo will only import the links embedded in your social media posts and not the social posts themselves. This means that if you have a post on LinkedIn which has not been created via a link, for example a video post or an image post, these will not be fetched to Haiilo.
    • Similarly, Haiilo does not fetch the LinkedIn post, but fetches the content from the information in the link that was used to create the post in LinkedIn. Therefore the content might look different on Haiilo then it does on your LinkedIn page.

 content fetching.png

  • Haiilo only imports posts with a link that hasn't been used before. This means that if you include the same link in all your LinkedIn posts, Haiilo will only fetch the first posts as the others will be treated as duplicates. All links in your LinkedIn posts have to be unique.
  • Please use a "clean" URL when connecting a feed, and not one that has extra characters at the end. For example, when connecting a LinkedIn page to Haiilo, the source should look like this rather than this though they both lead to the same source.
  • Content that is imported to Haiilo from a social network page or feed will show the social network name as the creator of the post in Haiilo. Users will hence know from which social media network the content has been published.

If you ever want to remove a connected page or feed from your Haiilo domain, you can simply click on the X symbol next to the feed. Haiilo will confirm that you want the page to be deleted. After the feed is removed, all the content that was already imported will remain in your Haiilo domain but no new content will be fetched.

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