Microsoft Teams integration

Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based team collaboration tool that integrates the people, content, and tools your team needs to be more engaged and effective at work. Haiilo integrates with Microsoft Teams to allow users to easily access their news feed that displays Haiilo content. Users have to log in to Haiilo to view their feed and share content.

How to set up the app on Teams

  1. Click Apps and search for Smarp (old name still in use)
  2. Click on Haiilo to open the app description page.
  3. Click Add dsdss.png
  4. Input your company subdomain and click 'Proceed to your feed'.
    • You can find the subdomain for your company by looking at the URL you use to access Haiilo. For example in, acme is the subdomain. 
  5. Then click the 'Log in'-button and a new window will open where you will see your company Haiilo domain's login page. Log in with your credentials like you do when accessing Haiilo in a browser or on the mobile app.
  6. After having successfully logged in, your Haiilo feed will load in Teams!


Users will be able to see both internal and external content from their Haiilo feeds in Teams. They can also initiate sharing content by clicking on the social media icons under a post in Teams. This will prompt a new browser tab with the post sharing window of Haiilo to open where the user can complete the share. If users are using Teams on their mobiles, clicking a sharing icon will open the Haiilo mobile app.

If users want to exit the Haiilo feed in Teams, they are able to navigate to the Settings option and click 'Log out'.

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