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If you want to connect LinkedIn pages to your platform, you need to follow a few simple steps. You can connect multiple LinkedIn pages, but each page requires its own connection.

You must be the Super Admin of the LinkedIn page to connect it to Haiilo. The connection will fail if you are not a Super Admin of the LinkedIn page.

You can read general information about importing content to the platform in the Importing content to Haiilo overview article.

Connect a LinkedIn page

  1. Go to Settings > Importing Content
  2. Under the LinkedIn heading, select Connect page.
  3. Log in to LinkedIn with your credentials. You'll be prompted to accept LinkedIn terms for third-party apps if you haven't already. Learn more in this article: Data & security information
  4. Enter the feed URL you want to connect into the corresponding field. Use a "clean" URL that ends with your company name or ID, not one with extra characters at the end.
    • For example, you can use but not or similar.
  5. In Post to, select the channel(s) that you want the content be published to
  6. Check Publish automatically if you want the content to be automatically published on your platform's post feed. If you want it to be Proposed first so that an admin has to approve it, leave the box unchecked.
  7. Select Save to connect your feed

After connecting, new content is fetched after about 30 minutes. An imported post automatically gets the image, title, and post body from the links in the LinkedIn page's content. The post's other aspects, such as sharing messages, must be configured on the Haiilo platform.

example linkedin content fetching

Haiilo will solely import the links embedded in your social media posts, not the posts themselves. This implies that if you have created a post on LinkedIn that does not include a link, such as a video or image post, it will not be fetched. Similarly, Haiilo does not fetch the LinkedIn post itself but fetches the content from the information in the link used to create the post on LinkedIn. Therefore, the content might look different on Haiilo than on your LinkedIn page.

 content fetching.png

Haiilo only imports posts with a unique link, meaning a link that hasn't been used before. Duplicate links are skipped. If you use the same shortened links in many LinkedIn posts, Haiilo will only fetch the first post, as the others will be treated as duplicates. All links in your LinkedIn posts have to be unique.

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