Other login methods with SAML

If your Haiilo domain uses SAML Single Sign On, users can only log in and create accounts via SAML with their company credentials. What if you want to grant external users access to your Haiilo domain, and they don't have company credentials? For this reason, Haiilo offers the option to have other login methods alongside SAML. 

With other login methods enabled:

  • Admins can invite users to join their domain
  • Your company's login page shows all the fields shown above.
  • Users can log in with SSO, their social network credentials, or an email and password.
    • SAML users (accounts created via SAML) can log in via SAML SSO or with their social media credentials. They can use their social media credentials if they have connected their social media accounts to Haiilo. 
    • Invited users can log in with their social media credentials or the email + password combination, i.e., the email associated with their account and the password they set for Haiilo when they joined.

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