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Via Microsoft Power Automate, you can automate content to be imported from your SharePoint to Haiilo to ensure that all important content you create in your SharePoint will automatically import to Haiilo.

Microsoft Power Automate is a paid feature of Microsoft, but it is also part of a few Microsoft packages. Ask your company Microsoft administrator if Power Automate is included in your Microsoft package to ensure you can create a flow from SharePoint to Haiilo.

You can find Haiilo's connector profile with information regarding the flows you can create to Haiilo here.

1. Create a flow

After logging into Microsoft Power Automate, select Create from the left-side menu to create a new flow. There are three ways to create a flow to Haiilo:

  1. Automated flow – each time a specified event happens, a post is created in Haiilo. The event can be, for example, when new content is created in a List of a selected Site in your SharePoint. This will ensure that each time content is created in your SharePoint, it is also created in Haiilo.

  2. Instant flow – create one post based on one content piece in your SharePoint. This can be used if you want to manually share one post in Haiilo at a time and not automate the process.

  3. Scheduled flow – new content is fetched at a specified time.


Once you have selected your preferred flow type, you can name your flow and choose your flow's trigger. The trigger refers to which event will begin the flow process of creating automated content in Haiilo. If you select 'When an item is created', this means that each time a new item is added to your SharePoint, a new post will also be created in Haiilo.


Click Create to create your flow.

2. Enter SharePoint site and event details

Once you have successfully named your flow and selected the trigger, you will be prompted to input your SharePoint site address and the correct list name. List name refers to the page in your SharePoint from where content will be imported to Haiilo. If you wanted to import content from multiple lists, you can create multiple flows.


Once your SharePoint details have been entered, you will be prompted to choose the action that your selected event will do. Haiilo offers two actions in Power Automate, Create Post or Retrieve Channel List. If you want to create a new post in Haiilo from your Sharepoint, select Create Post as the action. If you do not have the right package to create a Premium flow in Power Automate, a pop-up window will appear telling you that you cannot create a flow to Haiilo without a license. 

3. Connect to Haiilo

For the flow to be successfully created, you will need to have an active Haiilo account with a Company admin role. To create your flow, you will need to log in to authenticate that you have a Haiilo account. Click the 'Sign in' button and verify your account.

4. Map fields

In the last step, map out the proper fields so that your new post in Haiilo is created correctly. You will have to select the Channel(s) where you want the content to be published in Haiilo. The drop-down menu will give you all the channels listed in your company Haiilo domain. You can select multiple channels whereby the content is published in all selected channels. 

You can also map out other fields to determine how your post is displayed in Haiilo. When you click on any of the fields, a Dynamic content window will appear where you can easily select the correct dynamic content to map that field. Normally you would want to map the following:

  • Post Body: what text will be displayed in the Article body of the post in Haiilo. Here choose Description from the Dynamic content window. This will copy the description from your content on SharePoint to the body field in Haiilo.

  • ImageURL: what image will be displayed in the post in Haiilo. Here choose Image from the Dynamic content window. This will copy the image from your content on SharePoint to the image field in Haiilo.

  • Post status: will the post appear in the Published or Proposed feed in Haiilo.

    • Selecting Yes will mean that it will automatically be created in the Proposed feed. An Admin will then need to approve the content for it to appear in the Published feed in Haiilo.

    • Selecting No will mean that it will be automatically published to the Haiilo feed without needing an Admin's approval.

  • Post shareable status: whether the post will be for External sharing or Internal reading in Haiilo.

    • Selecting Yes will make it for External sharing and users can share it externally to social media.

    • Selecting No will make it for Internal reading in Haiilo only.

  • Title: what title will be displayed in the title field of the post in Haiilo. Here choose Title from the Dynamic content window. This will copy the title from your content on SharePoint to the title field in Haiilo.

  • Post URL: what URL/link will be embedded as the link in the post in Haiilo, whereby if users click 'View original' in the post in Haiilo they will be taken to the original SharePoint content. Here choose Link to item from the Dynamic content window. This will copy the image from your content on SharePoint to the image field in Haiilo.

After you have finished with the mapping process, click the Save-button on the bottom of the page to save your flow.

5. Test your flow

Now that your flow has been successfully created, you can test it by clicking the Test-button on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

You will see two different options to test your flow: 

  • I'll perform the trigger action means that you will test the integration by manually creating a new item in your SharePoint. After the item is successfully created, the item will also be created in Haiilo.
  • Using data from previous runs is available if you have been testing the connection before and it will allow you to use previously created items to test your flow.

Once the flow has run successfully, you can check the channel and feed in Haiilo where you selected the post to be created to see if the post has been created successfully.

The flow creator will be listed as the person who created the post, regardless of who created the SharePoint item. If multiple people have created a similar flow, the new post will be fetched for all of them.

Now your flow is set up and ready! Once the flow is active, any new items that are created in the selected SharePoint list will also automatically be created in Haiilo. If you need to make any changes, you can always go to My flows and edit your flow.

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