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To incentivize your users to engage with Haiilo, you can reward points for specific actions that users take. Points provide users with a way to claim rewards (if enabled), see their rank on the Leaderboard, and see how their social network connections engage with their shares from Haiilo under 'View my Insights.'

For ideas on incentivizing participation in your platform, read our best practice article on Gamification!

Basics of points

Users can see how to acquire points in the Earn more points section on the post feed, and how many points they currently have in their profile. There are two types of points, (regular) Points and Lifetime points:

  • Points are a user's current points. Users can use their points to claim rewards. If a user collects a reward, the points for that reward are deducted from their Points but are still shown in their Lifetime points. 
  • Lifetime points are the total number of points that a user has acquired on the platform. In the Users menu, admins can see a user's lifetime points.


Points can currently be enabled for four specific actions in Haiilo. Each action and how to enable points for it is explained below:

Points for proposing content

You can assign a specific number of points to users who propose posts. These points are awarded for each post the user proposes after the post is approved by an admin.

Admins or Channel Managers won't receive points for creating content, as they can publish content without approval. Even if an Admin or CM were to switch their role to User, they would still not receive points for proposing content in Haiilo. 

The points for proposing content can be set from the Administration > SettingsPost settings > Points for proposing a post (by sharer).

Points for sharing content

You can set how many points a user can get for sharing a post to a selected social network. Points for sharing can be awarded for shares to LinkedIn, X, Facebook, and Xing. The number of points is awarded to the user for each unique share they make to each network. Posting the same content to a particular network multiple times won't earn the user additional points.

The points for unique clicks can be set from the Administration > SettingsEmployee Advocacy. Points for sharing can also be edited on a post level. When admins approve posts, they can edit the points users get for sharing that post.

Points for unique clicks

You can set how many points a user can get for each unique click they receive on a post they shared. You can read more about clicks in this article.

The points for unique clicks can be set in Administration > Settings > Employee Advocacy > Points for clicks on external shares.

Points for inviting colleagues

You can determine the number of points a user can earn for successfully inviting a colleague to join the platform. The user will receive points for every new colleague who accepts their invitation to join the platform. The points will only be awarded once the invited colleague has officially joined the platform.

This setting can only be edited by Haiilo, so reach out to your Haiilo Customer Success Manager for assistance if you'd like to enable this.

Users cannot invite other users if your platform uses Single Sign-On to create users.

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