Email Digest settings

A Company or Group Admin can edit the settings for the email digest that is sent out from Haiilo. The email digest settings are set on a group-level, meaning that each group on Haiilo can create their own email digest that suits their group's users best.

The posts for the digest are gathered from a user's specific Haiilo feed and the channels they are subscribed to. Hence one user's email might look different to their colleague's email. The email digest will contain a maximum of the 10 most recent posts.

To find the Email digest settings in Haiilo, navigate to Administration > Settings > Email Digest. If you are a Company Admin, you first have to select the correct group for which you want to edit the email digest settings before seeing the menu item "Email Digest".

There are four main parts of the email digest that can be set and edited in the settings: 

  • Subject line: you can set the subject for your email digest. The title will appear as the subject of the email that is sent from Haiilo.
  • Greeting message: add a message that greets your users as they open the email. You can, for example, give a short explanation of the kind of content that the email digest contains.
  • Days of the week: mark the days that you want the email digest to be sent out to the users in your group. If you have marked, for example, M, T, W, Th, and F then the email is sent out on all weekdays, i.e. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • Time: set the time that you want your email digest to be sent. The time is set in UTC or Coordinated Universal time. Therefore you need to remember to convert your local timezone to UTC in order for the email to be sent at the right time.

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 14.39.45.png

You can see a preview of how your email digest will look on the right side of the settings box.

Users can edit their own notification preferences in Haiilo to override the date and time settings that are set in the admin Email digest settings. If users do not edit their notification settings themselves, then they will receive the email digest as set in the Email digest settings by the admins.

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