Post settings

A Company Admin can edit the settings for posts created on their platform from Administration > Settings > Post settings. These settings are valid for the whole platform.

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Post creation

  • Who can create posts?: Choose if Only admins or Everyone can create content on the platform. If Only admins is chosen, users won't be able to see the Create a post... section at the top of the post feed and, hence, can't create content.
  • Which posts need to be approved by an admin?: If everyone can create content on the platform, you can additionally choose which posts created by users require admin approval to be published.
    • Internal and external: All posts proposed by users need to be approved by an admin.
    • Only external: Only external posts proposed by users need to be approved by an admin. External posts refer to posts that can be shared on social media. Any posts that are selected to be internal are published directly without approval.
    • None: All posts by users are published directly without approval. There is no possibility to propose posts for approval. All post creators (admins and users) have the same configuration options when creating content.

Before allowing users to create posts without any approval, we highly recommend considering the possible outcomes. Such an approach can lead to users creating content that goes against company policies and may be harmful, biased, or incorrect. This, in turn, can have a negative impact on your company's brand when such posts are shared on social media. It is important to carefully weigh the risks and benefits before implementing this setting.

Manage post feed

  • Posts are by default archived after: Enter the number of days after which posts are archived from the post feed. Admins can always change the archive date for an individual post during post creation. 
  • Points for proposing a post (by sharer): Enter the number of points users receive for proposing posts. The points are rewarded only if the proposed post is approved and published. You can find more information on points here.

Language detection and filtering

You can choose the content languages that are available for your platform. Any languages set here are available for users to choose to receive and create content in.

You can read more about how users select the languages they wish to receive content in here.


You can find the campaigns currently available on your platform and add, edit, and delete campaigns. You can read more about Campaigns here.

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