Your company's Haiilo domain can be customized to reflect your company's branding to make it easier for your users and your company's employees to adopt your program.

The following parts in Haiilo can be white-labeled and edited according to your brand:

In the Haiilo Advocacy platform:

The logo on the navigation bar of the Haiilo web browser app and the color of the buttons in Haiilo

acme nav bar.png

Your company logo used for Haiilo white-labeling should be of a 2.75:1 ratio, for example, 275x100px. The format of the image file should ideally be of any vector format or PNG with Alpha Channel.

The color should be provided as a HEX value, e.g., #F86252. The same color is applied across your company Haiilo domain.

In emails from Haiilo:

The logo in the emails sent from Haiilo's system to your users. The logo displayed in the email is the same as that in your company Haiilo domain and is taken directly from there. 

email whitelabel advocacy.png

The name of the company that appears in the "From" header of the email as "XXX - via Haiilo" is based on the name entered in the "General" settings:


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