Create, edit, and add users to Groups

Groups are used in Haiilo to manage and coordinate users, content, and settings.

Create and edit groups

A Company Admin can access the main settings for groups from Administration > Groups. There, you can view the groups associated with your domain and the seats allocated to each group.


From these settings, you can edit a group to change its name or the number of seats allocated to it. Your total seat number for your domain and how many unused seats have yet to be allocated to a group you can see at the top next to the "Create group" button.

You cannot allocate more seats to your groups than your total seat number allows.

Add users to groups

In Haiilo, every user must and can only belong to one group. A user is added to a group per your invitation and registration settings.

How users see groups

Users will see groups in relation to channels in the channel list and on the Haiilo feed. Users can see directly from the channel list which group each channel belongs to, and can subscribe to channels from other groups than they are in themselves.

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