Invite people to Haiilo Advocacy

As a Company or Group Admin, you can invite people to join your Haiilo domain.

If your domain is using Single Sign-On, inviting users is not possible.

Inviting users

  1. Navigate to Administration > Users and select Invite colleagues
  2. Choose which group in your Haiilo domain you want to invite users to.
  3. Input their email address in the provided field or upload a .csv file containing the email addresses
  4. Choose which teams the users should belong to, if any. 
  5. Choose a role for your invitees. The roles you can select include User, Group Admin, and Company Admin.
    • You can learn more about the different roles in Haiilo here.
    • Channel Managers cannot be assigned when inviting a user. Read here for information on assigning a user as a channel manager after they've joined the platform.
  6. Write an invitation message to the people you invite. If you've created an invitation email template in the Invitations & Registration Settings, this will be pre-filled.
  7. Select Start Inviting X Colleagues button to send out the invitations immediately. Alternatively, you can schedule the invitation to be sent at a later date and time. The date and time are based on your computer's time zone.

When you have sent the invitations, you are done! Wait for the users to accept the invitation and set up their Haiilo accounts.

A reminder invitation is automatically sent out 48 hours after the original invitation was sent in case the user has not yet accepted the invitation.

Advanced Invites: Sent and Scheduled Invitations

An admin can see all of the Sent and Scheduled invitations under the Advanced Invites option under the Users tab 

From there, you can send reminders or cancel any invitation. Once an invitation is canceled, the invitation link in the email will no longer be valid, and the user cannot accept the invitation.

You can also action a scheduled invitation to be sent immediately rather than at the time you initially chose.

Referral Invites: Invitations sent by Users

If your company Haiilo domain allows users to invite colleagues, you can see the invitations that users have sent under the Referral Invites option under the Users tab. From there, you can also send reminders or cancel any invitation.

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