Switch between roles

Company and Group Admins can switch their role to User or Channel Manager from their profile. Select the user drop-down menu, and then under Switch role, choose another role:

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 14.52.39.png

If you as an Admin also are a Channel Manager, you cannot see the User role in the drop-down list, as the Channel Manager role is an elevated User role and takes the place of 'User' in the drop-down list. You can then only change between Admin and Channel Manager.

Your Haiilo feed will update and you will be able to see your company Haiilo domain through the eyes of a user. Switching your role to user can be a good idea if you want to see how a particular feature works for users or to see how something you have created in Haiilo looks like for your users. When your role is set to User, you can propose content, claim rewards, see your My Posts page, and more of the things a user can do. You are not able to see any of your Admin role features

When you are done, remember to switch your role back to Company Admin the same way as you switched it to User. This time choose Company/Group Admin from the list.

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