Intergroup Accessibility

The Intergroup Accessibility-function is only visible if it has been enabled for your company Haiilo domain.

By default, all groups and channels in Haiilo are visible to all the users in your Haiilo domain, however there is a possibility to change these settings so Groups and their channels can be hidden from all or some other Groups in your Haiilo domain.

Using the feature

To find these settings in Haiilo, navigate to Administration > Settings > Other Settings. If you area Company Admin, you first have to select to the correct group for which you want to edit the Intergroup Accessibility settings under "Other Settings".

There are three possible options for your intergroup accessibility settings. Remember that you are always editing the settings per group, meaning the settings will affect only the users in the Group you are currently editing:

  • All other Groups: users will see all other Groups and their channels in their feed and can freely subscribe to Public channels across Groups and be invited to join Private channels across Groups. 
  • No other Groups: users will only see their own Group's channels in their feed. Users will not see any other Groups or their channels. They cannot subscribe to or be invited to join any channel outside their own group.
  • Selected Groups: you choose which Group's channels your users should see in their feed. You can, for example, choose to exclude one Group but allow others.

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Important notes regarding the feature

There are some important things to note about intergroup accessibility:

  • Intergroup Accessibility overrides Essential, Default, and Private Channel settings. This means that even if a channel is marked as Essential for a Group, but that channel is in another Group to which the first Group doesn't have access, users will not be subscribed to those channels.
  • You cannot add or invite users to join your Channel if they don't have access to the Group in which your channel exists. If any users subscribed before the Intergroup Accessibility feature was enabled and they no longer have access to the group where the channel is, they will be automatically unsubscribed from the channel.
  • Group Admins and Channel Managers will be limited in the same way as users in a group are, meaning Group Admins in a group that cannot see other groups will not be able to see other groups' content. Similarly, a user cannot be the Manager of a channel in a group they cannot access.
    • However, Company admins will always be able to see all channels regardless of the intergroup accessibility settings.

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