Create, edit, and add users to Teams

Teams in Haiilo can be used as a way to segment your users to make sure they receive content relevant for them. Teams can also be used to filter by in the Analytics. A user can belong to multiple teams on Haiilo.

Create a team

Navigate to Administration > Settings > Users > Teams and click "Create new team". A window will open where you can input the name of the team you want to set up.

Edit a team

Once your team is created, you can click on the team name in the list to enter the team's settings. Here you can edit the team name, add individual users to the team and set essential or default channels for the team.

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You can set Essential and Default channels for a specific team to make sure that your team members receive the content that is most relevant to them. Read more about Essential and Default channels here.

If any channels have been set as Essential or Default in the Company Settings, these will override the Team settings. This means that if, for example, the 'Blog' channel has been selected as Essential in the Company Settings and you add it as a Default in your Team settings, users in your team will not be able to unsubscribe from the channel as it is Essential in the Company Settings and this overrides your Team settings.

Add users to teams

You can add users to teams in three ways:


To add members to a team from the 'Edit team' view, simply use the + Add-button. You can either select your Haiilo users by choosing them from the drop-down list or you can search by their email address to add them.

Select all the users you want to add from the list and then click 'Add'.

You are also able to Remove users from a team by selecting them in the member list and clicking Remove at the top of the list.

CSV upload

You must include all the users in the whole domain in the .csv file and include their team information (existing and/or new), even if no changes are made to some users. The .csv upload will always override all existing Team information for the whole domain so all users and their teams need to be included, or the users you do not include will lose their teams.

To add users to teams via csv upload, navigate to the Users tab and select 'Allocate users from CSV'. Only a Company Admin can allocate users to teams by csv.

A window opens with detailed instructions on what information to include in the csv and how to prepare for the upload.

  • All users you want to update must have Haiilo accounts already
  • All the teams you want to add the users to must exist on Haiilo in the correct group the user being updated is located in.

When you have the file ready, click 'Upload' and select the file. The update will commence and when it is completed, you will see a success message. Do not refresh your Haiilo session until the message appears.

When the update is complete, refresh your Haiilo session and you will see the updated users in their teams.


Please view this article for information on how to update users' teams with SCIM.

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