Notification settings

You can see your notification settings in Haiilo under your profile by selecting Settings and Notifications from the left-side menu. If you want, you can unsubscribe from Haiilo's mailing events by editing these settings.

In-app notifications

You can edit which notifications you receive from Haiilo and select to receive in-app notifications according to your preferences. You can receive notifications for the following events:

  • Posts selected by admins - Posts that the admins of your Haiilo domain specifically want you to read.
  • Accepted invitations - If a user you have invited to join Haiilo accepts the invite.
  • Proposed posts (only visible to admins) - When a user proposes a post in a channel you manage
  • Approved posts - When an admin approves a post you proposed in Haiilo.
  • Post comments - If users comment on your created posts.


You can always untick the box next to the notification event for which you don't want to receive in-app notifications. Please keep in mind that you will still receive email notifications about Proposed posts even if you untick the box, as these settings only pertain to notifications inside the Haiilo web app.

Email notifications

You also receive notifications via email from Haiilo for various actions and events. These events are grouped into seven email groups. You can edit your preferences to receive emails in each group. Below you will see a list of the event groups and the emails they contain:

  • Post creations - this group includes five emails:
    • New post feedback email: sent when you get feedback on a post you've submitted for approval
    • Post has been reviewed email: sent when a post you've submitted for approval is reviewed, i.e., approved or rejected.
    • Post on Behalf emails: post on behalf writer has been removed, post on behalf owner has been removed, or post on behalf settings have been changed. Sent only if you are a part of a post on behalf collaboration. 
  • Invitations - this group includes one email; the email lets you know if a user you have invited to join Haiilo accepts the invite. (Only for domains that allow users to invite other users.)
  • Reminders - this group includes one email; the email reminds you to share or create content in Haiilo to reach your next trophy. The notification is sent if you haven't been active in 30 days. (Only for domains with trophies enabled)
  • Important messages - this group includes two emails. Firstly, an instant post notification is sent when your admins select to share a post with you immediately. The other is an instant post notification with read confirmation required, which is the same as above, but you have to acknowledge that you've read the post.
  • Onboarding - this group includes one email; the email contains your account details, e.g., the email address your account uses and your company domain, and is sent after you've joined Haiilo. Save this email so you can always find your account information for Haiilo.
  • Administration - this group includes two emails sent to admins/channel managers; a proposed post email and an email informing Company Admins of their seat limit capacity.
  • Post digest - this group includes one email; the digest email combines all the latest content from your company's instance and the channels you subscribe to. The frequency is, by default, determined by your company's settings, but you can edit the frequency with which you receive the email if you do not want to disable it altogether. Please note that the time is always in UTC, not your local time zone.


You can also untick these boxes if you do not want to receive these emails.

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