Data integrations

Accessing Haiilo's API

If your company is using any external data software and you want to be able to get your analytics information exported from Haiilo and imported into your system to further analyze your Haiilo program's data, look no further than Haiilo's API! With Haiilo's API, you can easily export your Haiilo data to any data warehouse or BI tool that you are using. 

You can access Haiilo's API documentation here which has detailed instructions on how to use the API and the available endpoints. Currently, the API is only available for company admins in Haiilo.

Information on obtaining reach from Haiilo's API can be found in this article.

3rd party integration providers


You can also use Supermetrics, a 3rd party iPaaS (integration-platform-as-a-service) to connect Haiilo analytics with the reporting tool of your choice. This allows you to push data from Haiilo to destinations such as Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, Snowflake, BigQuery and more without the need to involve the IT department or write a single line of code.

To learn more about connecting to the Haiilo data source with Supermetrics, click here. Please note that the Supermetrics connector still uses our old name "Smarp". 

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