Pulling Instagram share data from the API

A share to Instagram is counted when a user selects the Share to > Instagram option in the Haiilo Share mobile app. However, as users may change their minds and not complete the share after being taken to the Instagram app, our data is an approximation and not the guaranteed number of shares made to Instagram.

We recommend involving your company's data analytics team to export this data, as they are experienced with API data integration.

Request the Instagram share data from the API

You can pull the Instagram share data from the API using the below instructions. Alternatively, reach out to your Haiilo Customer Success Manager for assistance.

  1. Download an API interaction app like Postman
  2. Start a new GET request
  3. Input the URL https://your_subdomain.smarpshare.com/api/v1/shares
    • Optionally, you can filter by from and to timeframes to narrow down the timeframe you're interested in. Date-time should be in RFC3339 format, e.g., ?from=2023-11-01T00:00:00.00Z&to=2023-11-20T00:00:00.00Z
  4. In the Auth tab, select Type > Bearer token
  5. In the token field, input your Haiilo access token
  6. Select Send.

shares api request.png

Interpret the API response

The response shows shares in the timeframe you used in your request. View our API documentation for definitions of the items in the response.

To find the number of shares to Instagram, search the response with the keyword "Instagram" to see the total number of matches. That number is the shares to Instagram. Alternatively, you can copy the JSON response and use a JSON to CSV/Excel generator to create a file that can be filtered.

postman instagram shares from GET:Shares.png

If you have over 1000 shares from your platform within a specific time frame, the response will only show the first 1000 items (shares). In such a scenario, you'll need to call the next parameter to view the next up to 1000 shares and repeat this process until you have searched all your shares. The next parameter is available at the top of each response and should be added at the end of the original request URL as &id_string. If the next parameter is not available, it means that there are no more shares to view.

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