The Trophies feature is only visible if enabled for your company Haiilo domain. 

You can be rewarded with trophies in Haiilo for proposing content inside Haiilo (Content Contributor) and for sharing content on your social media channels via Haiilo (Brand Advocate). You win trophies in Haiilo by default, and you can see them in the Your Trophy box.

your trophy

The six types of trophies you can win for each category (Creator or Advocate) are: New, Aspiring, Professional, Expert, Veteran, and Grand Master

  • To reach the New trophy in each category, you must share one post from Haiilo and/or propose one post on Haiilo.
  • For the next trophy, Aspiring, you must have created and/or shared at least 5 posts, and so on.
  • For the last trophy, Grand Master, you need to have shared and/or created at least 300 posts. These numbers are based on your historical data (counted since you first joined Haiilo).


You will also get notified by Haiilo via email and push notifications to continue to work towards reaching your next trophy. You can turn these notifications off in your Notification settings in Haiilo if you wish. 

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