Language settings

You can see and edit your language settings in Haiilo from under your profile by selecting Language Settings.

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Platform language

Haiilo offers its platform in multiple languages to best suit your preferences. From your settings in Haiilo, you can edit in which language you want to view the platform. 

Haiilo currently offers the full platform in the following languages: English, Spanish, German, and French. In other languages, the platform might not be completely translated. 

Target language for translation

Some company Haiilo domains have translations enabled, which means that users can translate posts and comments to their selected language so that they can understand content and comments published in a foreign language. The field in your language settings for target language is where you can select one language you want foreign language content and comments to be translated into. 

By default, the target language is English, but you can select from various languages. Please note that you can only select one language for translations.

Content language

Some company Haiilo domains also allow users to choose in which language(s) they want to receive content. If this is the case for your company Haiilo domain, you can choose which languages to receive content in your Language Settings.

You can choose to either receive content in all languages or select specific languages in which you want to receive content.

Please note that if you choose to only receive content in certain languages, any content that is created in your company Haiilo domain that is not in any of your selected languages will not be visible to you.

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