Subscribe to channels and content

The best way to find relevant and exciting content is by subscribing to different channels in your company's Haiilo domain. You must be subscribed to channel(s) in Haiilo to see content on your feed. No subscribed channels = no content.

All channels are located on the left-hand side of the Haiilo feed in the channel list.


By clicking Customize my feed, you are provided with a list of different channels available in your company domain, and from this list, you can choose which channels you wish to subscribe to and which ones you wish to unsubscribe from.

You can also search for particular channels via the search bar or filter to only see channels you are subscribed to or unsubscribed from.

You can distinguish between channels you are subscribed to and channels you are not subscribed to from the button next to the channel names.

  • If a button next to a channel says Subscribe, you are currently not subscribed to this channel and not seeing its content on your feed.
  • Similarly, if the button says Unsubscribe, you subscribe to this channel and see its content on your feed.
  • If a button is dimmed and you see a box pop-up when you hover over it, the channel is mandatory, and you cannot unsubscribe.


If you do not wish to see content uploaded to a particular channel, click the Unsubscribe button to unfollow this channel.

Don't worry if you unsubscribed from a channel and changed your mind after a while! You can always go back to the option to customize your feed to subscribe to more channels later.

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