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View my Insights page

The View my insights section in Haiilo offers you an detailed overview of how your sharing from Haiilo has been going. The insights section will show you how many shares you have made and how many clicks and reactions you have received on your shares.

You can access this information by clicking View My Insights in your My Influencer Score box, which is located on the right side of your Haiilo feed under the Channel list.

influencer box

Timeline Overview

At the top of the page, you will see a graph of your overall performance during the last 90 days. The graph will show you your weekly amount of shares, clicks and reactions and a projection about your future clicks and reactions. When you move your pointer over the graph and select a certain point, this will give you more detailed numbers and development for that certain week.

Below you can find an example of this graph:


My Shares

Scroll down a little on the page to find My Shares, which will give you a detailed look into all your individual shares over the last 90 days. You can see how many times your shared content has been clicked by your connections and how many reactions (likes, comments, reposts) your shares have received.

share example view my insights

You can see the total points this post has awarded you at the end of the share. This number includes the points for the share and any clicks the post has received. Points are not rewarded for reactions.

My Influencer Score

The Influencer Score is a number between 1-100 that represents your influence. When you share content from Haiilo and people engage with that content, you are influencing your social media connections. The more influential you are, the higher your Influencer Score is.

There are a lot of factors taken into consideration by our algorithm when calculating your Influencer Score. 

Network Contribution

The Network Contribution section will illustrate how your messages gain traction from different networks. You can easily see what portion of clicks and reactions are generated through which network.

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