Translate content and comments

To make all content on Haiilo available to you regardless of which language a post or comment has originally been written in, Haiilo offers content and comment translation. You are able to translate posts and comments published in a foreign language to the language of your choice, so that you can access and understand all the content that your colleagues share in your company Haiilo domain. 

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You can select one target language for translations in your Haiilo profile's Language Settings. This will be the language into which all posts and comments will be translated to for you. By default the language will be English but you can freely change your selection.

How to translate posts

You are able to translate a post into your selected target language by finding the post on your Haiilo feed and clicking See translation under it. If a post is already in your selected target language, you will not see the translation button under a post.

After a few seconds, the post will be automatically translated into your target language. The post title, body, and creator message field will be translated. You can change the post to its original language by clicking See original

How to translate comments

You can translate a comment into your target language by clicking Translate next to a comment. You will not see the Translate button if a comment is already in your target language. 

Mentions will not be included in the translated version of the comment. You can change the comment to its original language by clicking See original

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