Searching for content

You can easily search for content using the search bar located at the top of the feed. Simply enter keywords, and any post containing that word in the title, body text, the post author's name, or a campaign tag will be included in the search results. You can also use filters to refine your search.

Our system searches for keywords rather than phrases. For example, if you search for "employee communication," our system will look for results containing either "employee" or "communication," but not both together.

Use the search

  1. Select the search bar on top of the feed you want to search on. You need to search separately on each feed. This means you will only see results from the Published feed when you search that feed, and only see results from the Proposed feed when you search that feed.
  2. Enter a single keyword. You can only use letters from the English alphabet for your search; special characters, such as ä, ø, or ß, are not supported.
  3. Press Enter to search
  4. Optionally, refine your search by selecting a filter for a specific area. The filters include Author, Campaign, Title, and Body text. For example, if you select Author, the search will only look for your keyword in an author's name and will ignore results where the keyword appears in other areas.
  5. Find results on the feed. You can scroll the feed to see all posts matching your search.
  6. To exit the search, select your company logo in the upper left corner. If you don't exit, you will stay on the search results page. You can confirm that you are on the search page by checking for the Search results in feed text under the search box.

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