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Smart Share or schedule a share

When sharing content from Haiilo, you may want to share the post at a later date and time. Haiilo offers two options for this: Smart Share and scheduling a share. If you change your mind about the share before the scheduled time, you can cancel it.

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Smart Share

With Smart Share, Haiilo can automatically schedule your posts to be shared on LinkedIn or X at the best available time. Simply open the sharing window as before by clicking on the sharing icons under a post. You will then see a button for 'Smart Share'.

When you select 'Smart Share', Haiilo will automatically schedule your post to be shared at the best available time. The optimal time slots for sharing on LinkedIn and X are determined based on generally recommended times that we have found in our research to be when people are most engaged on the social media networks. Each optimal time slot only fits one share, meaning if one time slot is already full from your earlier Smart Share, your share will be moved to the next available time slot. Smart Share only shares at max. two posts per day.

  • All Smart Shares are sent out within 7 days when choosing Smart Share, prioritizing optimal sharing days and times.
    • For LinkedIn, the time slots your post will be shared in is either between 8:00-9:00 or 12:00-12:30.
    • For X, your post will be shared between 12:00-15:00.
  • There is a limit of 100 shares per week per social network via Smart Share. If that limit is met, you will be instructed to schedule the time manually or use Share Now.
  • You will not be able to see the exact date and time your post will be shared in Haiilo, only that it will be shared within 7 days. The time your post is shared is determined according to your computer's own time zone. 

Schedule a share

If you don't want to share content to social media immediately, you can schedule posts to be shared at a specific date and time, depending on your preference. Scheduling shares is currently available for LinkedIn and X.  

To schedule a share, click on the sharing icon for LinkedIn or X under a post to open the sharing window. Select Schedule share and choose a time and date for when the post should be shared. The time is set according to your computer's time zone. After choosing a date and time, click Schedule.

Cancel a Smart Share or scheduled share

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