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You can easily share content from Haiilo to LinkedIn by clicking the LinkedIn icon under a post. You can share Link, Article, Image, and Video posts on LinkedIn. You can select up to 5 images to share on LinkedIn for Image posts.

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Before sharing, you can write a sharing message, which will appear above the post on LinkedIn. In your sharing message, you can also mention a LinkedIn company page. Here's how it's done:

  1. input @ in your sharing message where you want the mention to appear
  2. start typing the company page's name.
  3. The icon and company name of LinkedIn pages corresponding to your input will appear in a search results box
  4. Select the correct page from the list
  5. After that, the company page name in the sharing message field turns blue to signify it has been linked.

company tagging.png

Only LinkedIn company pages can be mentioned in a sharing message in Haiilo. Individual LinkedIn users cannot be mentioned.

After inputting your sharing message, you choose to Schedule, Smart share, or Share now. Congratulations, your post is now live on LinkedIn! If you mention a company in your message, admins of the company will receive a notification when your share goes live.

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