Content calendar

The Content calendar lets you see all posts in your subscribed channels in a calendar view, so you can easily plan and schedule your communication.


To access the calendar, click the Calendar icon on a post. You will be taken to that post in the calendar, and it will be highlighted.

rss feed imported post, user view

Company Admins, Group Admins, or Channel Managers will have access to the calendar.

Using the arrows next to the 'Today'-button, you can jump a week forward or backward to view past or future posts. You can also use the date picker to select a specific date. To come back to the current week, click the 'Today'-button.

The calendar will show the following information for a post:

  1. when the post was or will be published
  2. one channel that the post is or will be published in (and +X indicating how many more channels the post is or will be published in)
  3. how many times the post has been shared from Haiilo to social media
  4. how many likes the post has received inside Haiilo

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