Configuring a post

When creating or reviewing a post, you can:

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Audience: internal or external

When a post is published on Haiilo, an Admin can decide which audience the post is for: Internal reading or External sharing. A user who proposes a post can also suggest an audience option, but when an admin reviews a post for publication, they can change the audience. The audience box is visible to all roles.

For Image and Video posts, the audience is selected first before inputting the content. For Link and Article posts, the audience is selected on the 2nd step of post creation after inputting the content.

  • Internal reading: A post for internal reading is only visible in Haiilo. It will display with the green text For internal reading only under the post. There are no social media icons available, so users cannot share the post externally.
  • External sharing: A post for external sharing will show the social media icons under the post so that users can easily share the post externally.
    • You can select which networks the post is shareable to.
    • You can add one or multiple suggested sharing messages for the various networks. Depending on your company settings, users might be able to edit the messages before they share. If multiple sharing messages are added for one network, one message will be picked by Haiilo's system randomly and shown to the user when the user selects to share to that network. If the user wants to see another message, they can close the sharing window and select the sharing icon again, and a message will again be picked at random.

Featured post

The featured post function can be used if there is news or content to highlight for your users. Read more in the Featured post article.

Notify users immediately

The notify users immediately function can be used for news that you want to inform your users about immediately. Read more in the Notify users immediately article.

Read confirmation

The read confirmation function can be used if there is news that you want your users to confirm they have read. Read more in the Read confirmation article.

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