Campaigns in Haiilo can be used as tags on posts in your Haiilo domain to specify what campaign or type of post it is. You can then filter the Analytics by Campaign to see how your users interact with certain campaigns and gather information per campaign.

Campaigns are managed on a company level from Administration > Settings > Post settings. Only a Company admin can add or edit campaigns.

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Create a Campaign

A new campaign can be added from the + Add new campaign button, whereby a new empty campaign box will appear. Set a name and click Save to save your newly created campaign. The campaign's color is chosen randomly and cannot be changed.

After saving, you should be able to select the campaign when creating a post in Haiilo.

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Edit and remove a Campaign

Campaign names can be edited after they have been created by clicking on the name and typing another one. A Company admin can also delete a campaign that is no longer needed by clicking the X icon on the far end of the campaign name.

If a campaign is deleted, it can no longer be filtered by in the analytics and those analytics are lost. If a campaign is edited, the posts that were previously tagged with the old campaign retain the new campaign tag, meaning the analytics will include the old campaign tag's analytics.

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