Share to X or Xing

Share to X

You can easily share Link, Article, Image and Video posts from Haiilo to X by clicking the X icon under a post.

x share.png

The sharing window is different depending on the type of post you share

  • When sharing a Link, Article, or Video post, you can write a sharing message for your share and then choose to Schedule, Smart share or Share now.
  • When sharing an Image post, you must choose which images you wish to share, if the post contains multiple images. For X, you can share up to four images at once. If the post in Haiilo contains five images, you can only choose four to be shared at once. After selecting your images, you can write your sharing message and choose to Schedule, Smart share or Share now.

Share to Xing

You can easily share Link and Article posts from Haiilo to Xing by clicking the Xing icon under a post.

When you click the sharing icon for Xing, it will open a small sharing window that will show you the post you want to share, however, to write your own sharing message and choose where on Xing to share your post, click 'Continue to Xing'.

xing share.png

This will open the share in Xing where you can see your post and choose where you want the post to be shared. You can also add a sharing message.

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